Thursday, April 28, 2011

Celebrate Life This Spring!

Hi again! It's Rachel : ) I hope you had a magnificent Easter! Easter is all about new life, especially our new life in Jesus after His victory over sin and death. Basically, Easter is probably the most prolife holiday! So I hope yours was great!

April must have been busy for people, because I didn't receive too many meeting minutes. However, those that I received (and have highlighted here) were helpful and had some really good ideas, so check them out. I especially liked the idea of showing the DVD 'Sarah's Choice' to the church youth group. I haven't seen it yet, but I read several reviews on it, and it sounds like the movie not only has an incredible prolife message, but it's made well and with depth! Movies are powerful for everyone, but especially for young people movies can have such an impact... I will definitely be running out to find it and watch it soon : )

Also critical are the legislative alerts about current prolife legislation at the state and national level. Make a difference with one quick e-mail! See below for details.

Lastly, please remember to put me on the e-mail for your prolife group so I can get the meeting minutes and share your good ideas with other prolife groups. Someday soon I hope to be on every prolife e-mail list in the city! My e-mail is Thanks!

 Christ the King Respect for Life Committee - March & April Meetings

- They are looking into doing a 9-month Spiritual Adoption program at their parish, starting in the month of June. If anyone has helpful information about how they have done spiritual adoption at their parish, please let Jo Chafen know (

- A group member got prolife literature at the Prolife Booksale. It's a great place to find flyers, DVDs, books, and t-shirts that your Prolife group can use. Christ the King will be putting prolife literature up at their church.

- Remember to contact Wendy Solawetz if you are interested in helping put together a diocesan-wide training day/retreat for parish prolife groups (

- Discussion of showing Prolife movies/presentations to youth group and/or parish. Movies are a great way to open up discussion and help people to think of things differently:
 + Sol Varisco, the Program Director for Outreach Services at the diocese is willing to do a presentation on immigration and refugees, perhaps showing a documentary depending on time.
 + Sarah's Choice DVD (2009): Prolife movie, supposed to be really good - respected even by non-Christian movie critics. Check it out:
  + Also remember Bella ( and other movies with prolife messages

- They are looking into focusing on one human dignity issue each month and putting information about it in the bulletin.

- They will provide bookmarks to women of the parish for Mother's Day. They ordered 2 types, 500 of each bookmark type. Will distribute bookmarks at Masses.

- Update on Choices prolife Medical Clinic. The clinic is located at 50th and I-235 in West Des Moines. As of Christ the King's meeting, clinic construction is progressing, the drywall is going up. An opening date has not been set. The open houses were a success with donations and equipment and labor, but any help (financial and or volunteer) is appreciated!

St. Theresa Prolife Committee - April Meeting

- Completed Prolife Contest at St. Theresa's School. It was very successful. If you would like to do something similar at your parish school, here are the basics:
  • Volunteer presenters give age-appropriate Prolife presentations to each class at the school 1-8 grade. Following the presentations, students are given contest rules. Teachers allow time for students to work on entries - we get 100% participation. 
  • 1st-2nd graders do posters, 3rd-5th do slogans, 6th-8th do prayers all with a prolife them. In each category there are first, second, and third place winners. 
  • Winners are chosen and notified. Winners receive prizes from Divine Treasures Bookstore AND they are taken out to lunch with the parish priest and school principal. Then all entries are displayed in the church building on Mother's Day weekend. 
  • If you have any questions or would like advice on doing your own prolife contest, contact Jeane Bishop (
- Planning large Adoption Fair at St. Theresa's - Everyone welcome!
  • Sunday, November 13, 2-4 pm. Rachel Egan and Carla Tripp have reserved the St. Theresa's parish hall and working on details. 
  • The plan: 14 adoption agencies will have information tables and some will do presentations covering domestic, international, and foster-to-adopt types of adoption. 
  • Rachel will be looking for help to promote this at other local churches! If you're interested in helping or promoting this event at your church, please e-mail Rachel ( 

 Iowa Catholic Conference Legislative Update


No further news on HF 657, a ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. There's been no sign so far that the Senate intends to move the bill. The Iowa bishops sent a strong statement of their support of the bill, asking them to allow the Senate to vote on HF 657.

To send a quick and easy, prepared e-mail to your representative, go to Iowa Catholic Conference Action Alert webpage ( Tell the Senate to allow HF 657 out of committee so it can be voted on!!!

From IRTL on HF 657: We are asking our pro-life friends to persist in contacting Senator Gronstal (Majority Leader of the Senate). He can continue to deflect this to the committee to which the bill is assigned, Government Oversight. But ultimately the decision is in Senator Gronstal's hands. If he truly did not want young Iowans to lose their lives before they begin, he would move this bill into another committee; or find another way to MOVE THIS BILL out of Committee. To the floor. And ultimately to the Desk of Governor Branstad who wishes to sign the bill.

Call Senator Gronstal. E-mail him. Visit him. Continue to impress upon him that you want better for Iowa. The Senate Switchboard number is 515-281-3371. To e-mail him go to this link Then click on the Contact tab, and click "Contact Sen. Michael Gronstal via e-mail". Very fast and simple!

Des Moines Diocese

As early as the week of May 2nd, the U.S. House of Representatives could vote on the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (H.R. 3) - this vote could make this legislation permanent. Currently, the legislation has to be renewed regularly by the House. The Action Alert on this measure has been updated and reissued. Please see:

Iowa Right to Life

Lila Rose Headlines Iowa RTL Spring Fling This Thursday, April 28 at 6:30 pm!

Lila Rose, founder of Live Action, whose latest videos on Planned Parenthood are rocking the nation! Hear Lila Rose this Thursday at the Iowa Right to Life Spring Fling. The dinner will begin at 6:30 pm, at the Holiday Inn on Fleur Drive in Des Moines.

Also visit Live Action's website to witness a sample of their recent undercover work: 

Celebration of Life on Thursday Evening, May 5 at 7:00 pm

Thursday, May 5, at 7:00 pm we will host a "Celebration of Life" at Grace Church, 4200 East 25th St. in Des Moines. Come share with us in testimonies of what God has done outside abortion clinics in Iowa during the 40 Days for Life campaign...simply when we show up and pray. For more information, feel free to contact our office at 515.244.1012 or e-mail us at

Legislative Update and Request for Action

Some has said that the late-term abortion doctor, Mr. Carhart, isn't coming to Iowa, that it's just a scare tactic to pass the late-term abortion ban (House File 657). However, it's clear that Mr. Carhart plans to come to Iowa if HF 657 is not passed. A visit to his website, reveals this statement, "When abortion becomes the choice you have to make, we believe you deserve the very best." Above that line there is a working tab marked "SW Iowa" and below that line, "South West Iowa - AVAILABLE SOON". Upon selection of the "SW Iowa" tab, the visitor is directed to a page that contains a link to "Abortion Fees". For example, a surgical abortion at 4 weeks will cost $464 with a credit card; while an abortion at 24 weeks costs $3,090.

Please contact your representative and Senator Gronstal, the Senate Majority Leader, and apply positive pressure for them to put HF 657 to a vote!

Jenifer Bowen Office 515.244.1012 Toll Free 877.595.9406 E-mail Website

That's everything for this month. Keep up the great prolife work - you are making a difference!!!

Always, Rachel : )

P.S. Interesting poster I found. It makes you think...